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Todd Ossenfort - The Credit Guy

Todd Ossenfort, otherwise known as The Credit Guy, has been helping consumers reduce consumer debt for most of his career. Now, you can find all The Credit Guy's top tips, stories, and strategies at improving your credit score, managing your debt, and improving your financial life all in one place. Learn more about Todd Ossenfort and how The Credit Guy can help you.


Todd Ossenfort: A Credit Counselor can help those struggling with credit card debt

How can you pay off a substantial amount of credit card without interrupting your credit?  That was a question presented to Todd Ossenfort recently from a reader, and while not easy, there are options which can help pay down those high interest credit cards and set you on the path to improving your credit.   » read more

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Todd Ossenfort Explains Joint vs Authorized User Accounts

Is an authorized user liable to pay the credit card balance in the event that the principal has abandoned the debt? Lets examine this question in more detail to help create an understanding of where the liabilities fall when contemplating the differences between authorized users on accounts, and joint account holders.  » read more

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