Todd Ossenfort Helps You Improve Your Credit

Want to improve your credit? Need a better credit score? Follow Todd Ossenfort's easy tips to find ways at reducing your debt and improving your overall credit health.

Todd Ossenfort Explains Joint vs Authorized User Accounts

Is an authorized user liable to pay the credit card balance in the event that the principal has abandoned the debt? Lets examine this question in more detail to help create an understanding of where the liabilities fall when contemplating the differences between authorized users on accounts, and joint account holders.  » read more

APR Explained: Understanding APR with Todd Ossenfort

The Annual Percentage Rate or APR is a financial term that is used by lenders to let you know how much interest you are being charged on a yearly basis for your loan. For example, on a $10,000 car loan at an eight percent APR you would pay approximately $800 in one year in interest for the loan. » read more

Todd Ossenfort: Capital One to Pay 210 Million Dollar Fine

Deceptive practices involving third party vendors involved with Capital One Financial Corp have resulted in the imposition of a 210 million dollars in refunds and fines in an alleged deceptive marketing to lure customers into purchasing services.  This is the first public enforcement action under the Dodd Frank Act by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. » read more

Steps to financial well being for the married couple

Knowing how to managed your money will help you determine the best way to manage for your future endeavors.  Keep in mind open communication about your finances and other topics is an important ingredient in a successful marriage. Take into considerartion that most arguments about money lead  to the top five reasons people divorce. » read more

Use caution when assuming debt

Dear Credit Guy, Can I transfer my partner's credit card balance to me on a zero interest rate balance transfer card?-- Cara » read more