Debt Management Tips from Todd Ossenfort

From simple to complex, Todd Ossenfort, The Credit Guy, provides you with the answers you need to navigate today's credit and debt environment.

Todd Ossenfort: Credit Counseling Agency's Could Soon Have New Tools for Debt Relief Plans

A new and extremely exciting credit scoring system could soon help consumers avoid costly bankruptcy action and provide new options when seeking debt relief. » read more

Todd Ossenfort: How to Control Impulse Spending and Balance Your Budget

When people find that they are unable to save money for special things, such as: a house, car, vacation, retirement, etc., it is almost always due to improper budgeting and impulse spending. If any of the following questions are true, you are probably a victim. » read more

Your Rights about Debt Collectors

Getting debt collectors to stop harassing can take a lot of work.  Following some simple advice from The Credit Guy, we can help ease the pain of debt collectors constant phone calls.  Remember, even debt collectors have to follow the letter of the law and there are specific laws that govern how debt collectors operate. » read more

Student loans repayment facts

Student Loans can be a complicated debt that almost all Americans aquire at some time in their life time.  College seniors who graduated in 2010 carried an average of $25,250 in student loan debt.  That number, according to some industry experts, is higher yet in 2012. » read more

Todd Ossenfort On Liability for Credit Card Debt IRS

Dear Credit Guy, Megan writes that she is getting many phone calls regarding credit card debt which she incurred as an authorized user on a primary cardholder's account.  When the primary cardholder stopped paying the credit card bills, the credit card company began attempts to collect the past due credit card debt from her.  Andrea fears that she could face IRS liens, wage garnishment and more if she doesn't pay the debt, however, she isn't liable. » read more